AV/IT Convergence

The AV systems of the past each had their own specialized support infrastructure and were managed separately from an organization’s computers and networks. The gradual convergence of AV systems onto IP networks is ending that isolation, however. Projectors, sound systems, display devices, and video conferencing systems can now all reside on corporate networks. Convergence on a common infrastructure places AV within the IT orbit.

We understand the amount of capital and time invested in these communication systems and the increasing dependence on them. It is absolutely imperative to have your systems up to date and maintained for optimum efficiency.

The Sound Stage team of data and network experts work closely with your IT experts to ensure the expectations of your communication system are exceeded. Building that relationship with IT expert is key to the success of a project, they are the people on the front line day to day. Your IT team will be left with the confidence that the system will be functional, reliable and supported at all times.

Solutions - AV/IT Convergence

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