AV Design/Build


Sound Stage works closely with your architects, engineers, and builders, we become part of the team. Making any AV system a priority in the design stage gives our engineers the absolute optimal opportunity to precisely design a solution for your space. Inviting your AV Integrator to the planning table ensures everyone is on the same page. This will greatly diminish the likelihood of the dreaded ‘change order’ and the time and money costs that accompany them.

Solutions - AV Design/Build
Solutions - AV Design/Build 2


Once your system has been designed and engineered, it heads to our production department. There, all of the components are programmed, wired and tested before they are delivered to your site.

Once the system has passed testing, the project team takes over. They schedule your installation and assign the lead technician and his install team. And the fun of watching it all come together begins. You will find our install team to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, personable and motivated. They are a great bunch of guys who get a kick out of being on the job sites working with clients as their ideas become reality. And, truth be told, they like to play with all the cool toys.

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