Speech Privacy /Sound Masking

Most offices today feature more open spaces and smaller, and often shared, workstations. Less sound absorptive materials are being used such as lower or non-existent partitions, hard or glass surfaces, and thinner walls and doors. This creates acoustical challenges that negatively impact workplace satisfaction, productivity, confidentiality and speech privacy.

Solutions - Sound Masking 1
Solutions - Sound Masking 2

Soundmasking is an affordable and effective solution to help organizations, across multiple industries, protect speech privacy and reduce distractions of nearby conversations and other noises.

Sound Masking works by emitting a uniform, barely perceptible background sound to virtually any workspace, the unobtrusive, air-flow like sound has been engineered.

Speech Privacy systems are the perfect solution for:

  • Corporate: Open office, private office, conference rooms
  • Healthcare: Patient rooms, waiting areas, reception areas
  • Hospitality: Guest rooms, lobby areas, spas
  • Government and Law: Secured facilities, courtrooms, law offices
  • Technology: Engineering labs, co-share spaces, design studios
  • Finance: Call centers, retail banks, board rooms
  • Education: Research laboratories student centers, libraries
  • Venues: Houses of worship, conference centers, airport lounges

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