Audio Systems & PA Systems

Loudspeaker; a device that changes electrical signals into sounds loud enough to be heard at a distance.

Since 1982, Sound Stage has been on the cutting edge of sound system design and installation. Our audio systems can be heard in boardrooms, conference rooms, healthcare facilities, auditoriums, performance theatres, places of worship, K-12, high education facilities, and hospitality spaces throughout the country.

A continual need of sound systems in public spaces is to be a used as a Public Address System, or PA System. With the proper products chosen for the space, installed to maximize, but not exceed, their potential, your PA Installation will get your important messages out clearly and fully to the audience you need to reach.

Solutions - PA System 1
Solutions - PA System 2

We are fortunate to have on our staff a group of audiophiles who come to us from the sound engineering world. They bring with them an extremely deep knowledge base and unmeasurable experience in sound theory, physics of sound, acoustic measurement, acoustic design, and audio tuning.

You will experience, first hand, the excitement, and pride these sound engineers have for producing the best possible sound in your space.

The loudspeakers needs of your audio system may range from line array speakers, point-and-shoot speakers and column speakers to in-wall speakers, ceiling speakers, pendant speaker, PA speakers and landscape speakers. Our designers and sound engineers will be with you every step of the sound system planning process to ensure your space exceeds your expectations of intelligibility.

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