Dave's Boathouse at Rollins College

The Rollins College Student Government Association has completed an impressive renovation of Dave’s DownUnder—located since 1999 in the basement of the Cornell Campus Center—into Dave’s Boathouse, a nautically themed, pub-style restaurant. Sound Stage was chosen to design and install a new audio visual system.

The audio system consists of an eight-zone JBL pendant speaker system. An event system with JBL Professional column array speakers, flown subwoofer and portable stage monitor. Audio functions in two modes with a Basic mode utilizing pendant speakers in two discreet zones, while Event mode utilizes column arrays and a flown subwoofer with subs with pendants used as delayed fills. A portable digital audio mixer with digital stage box is provided for special events. A Biamp digital processor is being used for audio processing and system tuning of the background music as well as the stage area. Local stage inputs are controllable through the Crestron control system and touch panel for smaller activities. Available audio sources consist of a dedicated AM/FM/XM radio receiver, audio from three dedicated cable boxes, a Blu-Ray player, local computer connections at the stage and a Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation gateway. Three local microphone inputs, a dedicated 3.5mm line input and two wireless microphones are also provided.

The video system consists of 12 professional grade Samsung televisions located throughout the space. Televisions at the bar, dining area and lounge allow for control of power, channel and volume for cable TV signals. An NEC video projector and Da-Lite motorized screen were installed at the stage location. The projector and two additional displays have DM connectivity allowing for a broad array of uses. Discreet routing of video to the three event displays are controlled by the Crestron control system. A preview monitor is located in the equipment rack for use with the touch panel for cueing sources to the three event displays. All video sources are routed through a Crestron presentation switcher.

All of the control components are neatly organized in an impressive Middle Atlantic rack.

The theming and ambience of the space is perfect. The ideal place for students to kick back.

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Florida Hospital Executive Tower

Florida Hospital has been a long term and valued client of Sound Stage since 2002. Their parent organization is Adventist Health Systems (AHS) and had a need to build an executive tower on the Orlando campus for upper lever executives and administrative staff. AHS had worked with Crestron Electronics to develop the initial video switching and control aspects for their various systems. Florida Hospital then engaged Sound Stage to further develop the Audio Visual scope and design of the Executive Tower.

We were honored to have our design and quoting software company, d-tools, write a case study of this project, which was featured in their February, 2015 newsletter.


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Florida Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist

The Florida Conference of the Seventh Day Adventists recolated their offices to a beautifuly custom renovated space that was formerly a retail furniture store.  Sound Stage was hired to design and install an extensive audio visual package throughout the space.

Lobby – Features nine - NEC 46” displays in a 3x3 recessed video wall configuration.  This provides a soothing atmosphere when showing the video of fish tanks or nature scene from our media server and playing the background music from the slim profile, full range Bose line array speaker system.  We can also select a digital signage feed that plays the client created content.  This provides the visitors and staff with a great welcome into the facility.  This system also had laptop and wireless mic inputs to allow the space to double as a presentation area for large gatherings.  This is all driven from a desktop AMX touch panel at the reception desk.

Community Room – Features a video projections and wireless mic system for presentations.  The room also has portable staging and a stage lighting system that allow the room to be turned into a video production studio with connectivity to the video uplink truck that can be parked outside. 

Pillar Rooms- There are four meeting rooms that have basic plug and play presentation and phone conferencing ability.  The user simply connects a laptop and the images are shown on the 60” displays.  One of these rooms is connected to a video conferencing system and the other three rooms will be outfitted with video conferencing in the near future.

Executive Board Room – this circular boardroom seats 50 people around two “C” shaped tables on two levels.  It has a super wide aspect ratio projection system that allows two separate images to be played side by side.  There are four PTZ cameras in the room that allow us to get a great front shot of anyone around the table.  This room features 50 desktop conferencing units.  Each unit has a mic and speaker that allow everyone to be heard thru the adjacent desktop speaker.  These units are also allow for delegates to vote on agenda items in a blind voting system.   It also connects with the video camera system to line up the next video shot when a delegate request to speak. 

Administration Committee Conference Room - This is a large conference room that has dual screen video conferencing, phone conferencing and LED illuminated mics in the table that let everyone know when the mics are on (via green LEDs in the mics) or Off (the LEDs turn red).

Staff Office Area -  The office environment includes a sound masking system as well as remote digital signage for the staff near the time clocks. 

A Better Choice, Adventist Book Center (and Café).  This large retail space has a background music system and five digital signage displays, as well as a children’s video area with schedule background music that plays an eclectic variety of music for the shoppers.

The Café has two portrait mounted video monitors that allow for the menu to be displayed and featured specials to be promoted to the lunch time crowd.

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Spring Meadows Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Bose® RoomMatch® Loudspeakers Chosen for Spring Meadows Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Sanford, Florida


Framingham, Massachusetts, June 15, 2015 – The new sanctuary at the Spring Meadows Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sanford, Florida, came with the sonic challenge of keeping the reflective surfaces in the fan-shaped 1,000-seat hall, with its hardwood panels and stone walls, from overwhelming the intelligibility of the message from the 72-foot-wide raised platform at the church’s front. The solution was a RoomMatch® loudspeaker system from Bose® Professional, in conjunction with some adroit application of acoustical treatments.

Sound Stage, Inc., an AV systems integrator in nearby Winter Park, designed and installed the space, placing two left-right arrays consisting of two RM12020 modules, an RM9020 module and an RM9050 module each, plus two stacked pairs of RMS215 subwoofers, along with 1.5-inch fiberglass acoustical absorptive panels on the rear and side walls of the sanctuary. The room’s front-of-house mixing position created another challenge, as it is located on the second floor and outside the main audio coverage area. To address that, Sound Stage used a Bose RMU208 small-format utility loudspeaker calibrated to the main sound system’s levels in the sanctuary’s first-floor seating area. The system is powered by a Bose PowerMatch® PM8500N networked amplifier and controlled using Bose ControlSpace® DSP.

Bose Modeler® and Auditioner® software were used by Bill Fletcher, Co-Owner of Sound Stage, to establish the sanctuary’s exact parameters. Fletcher then designed the system and the acoustical treatment within it, choosing the exact RoomMatch components needed to address the room’s acoustical specifics.

“A great thing about the RoomMatch product is that you can choose precisely the vertical and horizontal coverage pattern control that you need by choosing the appropriate module,” he explains. “The audio coverage pattern is well-defined from the front to rear and from side to side in the seating area. Coverage just outside the seating drops off dramatically, to minimize sound reflections off of rear and side walls. The subwoofer dispersion pattern provides bass rejection on the platform; the two loudspeaker arrays’ crossover point, at 50 Hz, blended well with the center subwoofer system that was crossed over at 80 Hz.”

The new church building, which opened in May of this year, now has superb sound with an extremely high degree of intelligibility. Associate Pastor Robert Boggess comments, “From the beginning, our building committee knew that our new worship center, with its multiple windows, massive curved rear wall, and balcony sound room, would present some challenges. Bill Fletcher considered several alternatives with our committee and decided upon the Bose system to meet our special needs. After installation this system exceeded our expectations, with even, crisp coverage and great sound quality.” He added that the church is “confident that this sound system will handle all types of programming, as we plan to offer community concerts, live broadcast and evangelistic special events.”

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Winter Park, Florida-based tech company Highwinds, a content delivery network provider, was rapidly outgrowing their old office and needed a new space with room to grow. Their new office, in a newly constructed building, promised an open, collaborative environment with plenty of cool design features and natural light. Highwinds old office was a traditional office setting without any open office area. While providing more options for architectural and design considerations, the new open office space had much fewer walls to block sound, meaning that speech privacy would be compromised and noise distractions would be elevated.

Or did it? Director of IT Dave Herrell asked Highwinds’ property manager, CNL Real Estate, if they could recommend a vendor who could provide audiovisual solutions for the conference, lobby, and break rooms. CNL recommended Sound Stage, also of Winter Park, to handle the new office’s AV Integration. Given the open nature of the new office, Sound Stage suggested Highwinds add sound masking to the space. Sound masking is the process of adding a low level, unobtrusive background sound to an environment to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce noise distractions. By making nearby conversations unintelligible, sound masking protects speech privacy and allows individuals to work more productively in a space with fewer noise distractions. Sound masking is more cost effective than other acoustical treatments such as partitions or soundproofing materials.

Sound Stage installed the QtPro™ sound masking system in Highwinds new office.  Small, barely visible emitters (speakers) were installed seamlessly into the office’s unique open ceiling and octagonal-cloud-ceiling. The emitters were connected by cables to a QtPro control module residing in the server room.

Highwinds was able to create an open office environment that’s both beautiful and functional. Office chatter in the open office area is unintelligible (and therefore less distracting) at distances over fifteen feet, and conversations in the break room, lobby, and corridor don’t spill over into the work area. As an added benefit, the small emitters fit in design-wise with the office’s architecturally-unique ceiling.

"The QT 300 that Sound Stage installed is incredibly easy to manage and gives us greater reduction of noise and distractions allowing our staff to be more productive and feel more private,” says Herrell. “QtPro even meshed aesthetically with our multi-style tile ceiling design. Employees don’t even recognize or notice the emitters directly above them. “

Highwinds is a content delivery, network and cloud-based IP services business that offers a comprehensive suite of CDN solutions, including content storage and IP software. Highwinds delivers content and rich media over our high-performance RollingThunder® network to millions of global users every day. Their CDN customers gain unprecedented command and control with our StrikeTracker® 2 console and open APIs. Highwinds is headquartered in Winter Park, Fla., and maintains data centers around the world.




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Seminole State College Concert Hall

Bose® RoomMatch® Loudspeaker System Takes Seminole State College of Florida’s Performing Arts Center to the Next Level

Small theater gets big sound with Bose® RoomMatch® loudspeakers

Bose Pro \Framingham, Massachusetts, March 10, 2015 – The Fine Arts Theater at Seminole State College of Florida’s Sanford/Lake Mary campus isn’t huge — the performing arts center holds 160 on a raked seating array — but it’s the centerpiece of the school’s respected theater and music programs and is regarded as one of central Florida's finest cultural arts centers. But what the Fine Arts Theater lacks in size it more than makes up for with its newly installed sound system consisting of RoomMatch® loudspeakers from Bose® Professional.

Designed and installed by Sound Stage, Inc., a leading regional AV systems integrator based in Florida, the system comprises a single center cluster consisting of three RoomMatch modules — RM12020, RM9020 and RM7020 — topped by an RMS215 subwoofer. The system is powered by one Bose PowerMatch® PM8500 amplifier and utilizes a Bose ControlSpace® DSP control processor for speaker management.

Bill Fletcher, Co-Owner of Sound Stage, used Bose Modeler® sound system software to analyze the theater’s acoustical parameters and choose exactly the right RoomMatch components for the space. “We weren’t able to apply any acoustical treatments to the theater walls, because the theater department wanted the room to have a certain amount of liveliness to the sound for music and speech projection,” explains Fletcher. “So we needed a sound system that could keep the energy highly focused on the seating area and off the walls, and that’s where RoomMatch excels.”

Kenneth Moore, Lead Media Production Specialist at the college, added, “Last fall, Seminole State College hosted the American Choral Directors Association Florida Chapter’s annual event, and the entertainment for the opening night was the GRAMMY®-winning vocal group Take 6. The Bose system performed magnificently. It was so rich and clear that I could only wish that I had ‘synesthesia’ and had the ability to ‘see’ the smooth jazz, gospel, rock and R&B music as they performed it through the Bose RoomMatch system. What a thrill! And as far as the installation process went, from the first day that we met with Sound Stage, Inc. until the project was finished, they were not only professional but trustworthy, which made the design and installation process first rate.”

Fletcher points out the vertical and horizontal pattern control of the RoomMatch modules means that the sound falls off dramatically outside of the seating area. “You literally walk three steps away from the seats and it’s gone,” he says, noting that Sound Stage has used the Bose RoomMatch system for several other acoustically challenging projects in recent months. “What this means for the school is that its theater’s audio is on a par with that of much larger theaters. Their students experience the kind of sound they’d hear in larger performing arts centers. That really helps enhance the educational experience, and that’s what it’s really all about.”


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