Seminole State College Concert Hall

Bose® RoomMatch® Loudspeaker System Takes Seminole State College of Florida’s Performing Arts Center to the Next Level

Small theater gets big sound with Bose® RoomMatch® loudspeakers

Bose Pro \Framingham, Massachusetts, March 10, 2015 – The Fine Arts Theater at Seminole State College of Florida’s Sanford/Lake Mary campus isn’t huge — the performing arts center holds 160 on a raked seating array — but it’s the centerpiece of the school’s respected theater and music programs and is regarded as one of central Florida's finest cultural arts centers. But what the Fine Arts Theater lacks in size it more than makes up for with its newly installed sound system consisting of RoomMatch® loudspeakers from Bose® Professional.

Designed and installed by Sound Stage, Inc., a leading regional AV systems integrator based in Florida, the system comprises a single center cluster consisting of three RoomMatch modules — RM12020, RM9020 and RM7020 — topped by an RMS215 subwoofer. The system is powered by one Bose PowerMatch® PM8500 amplifier and utilizes a Bose ControlSpace® DSP control processor for speaker management.

Bill Fletcher, Co-Owner of Sound Stage, used Bose Modeler® sound system software to analyze the theater’s acoustical parameters and choose exactly the right RoomMatch components for the space. “We weren’t able to apply any acoustical treatments to the theater walls, because the theater department wanted the room to have a certain amount of liveliness to the sound for music and speech projection,” explains Fletcher. “So we needed a sound system that could keep the energy highly focused on the seating area and off the walls, and that’s where RoomMatch excels.”

Kenneth Moore, Lead Media Production Specialist at the college, added, “Last fall, Seminole State College hosted the American Choral Directors Association Florida Chapter’s annual event, and the entertainment for the opening night was the GRAMMY®-winning vocal group Take 6. The Bose system performed magnificently. It was so rich and clear that I could only wish that I had ‘synesthesia’ and had the ability to ‘see’ the smooth jazz, gospel, rock and R&B music as they performed it through the Bose RoomMatch system. What a thrill! And as far as the installation process went, from the first day that we met with Sound Stage, Inc. until the project was finished, they were not only professional but trustworthy, which made the design and installation process first rate.”

Fletcher points out the vertical and horizontal pattern control of the RoomMatch modules means that the sound falls off dramatically outside of the seating area. “You literally walk three steps away from the seats and it’s gone,” he says, noting that Sound Stage has used the Bose RoomMatch system for several other acoustically challenging projects in recent months. “What this means for the school is that its theater’s audio is on a par with that of much larger theaters. Their students experience the kind of sound they’d hear in larger performing arts centers. That really helps enhance the educational experience, and that’s what it’s really all about.”