Florida Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist

The Florida Conference of the Seventh Day Adventists recolated their offices to a beautifuly custom renovated space that was formerly a retail furniture store.  Sound Stage was hired to design and install an extensive audio visual package throughout the space.

Lobby – Features nine - NEC 46” displays in a 3x3 recessed video wall configuration.  This provides a soothing atmosphere when showing the video of fish tanks or nature scene from our media server and playing the background music from the slim profile, full range Bose line array speaker system.  We can also select a digital signage feed that plays the client created content.  This provides the visitors and staff with a great welcome into the facility.  This system also had laptop and wireless mic inputs to allow the space to double as a presentation area for large gatherings.  This is all driven from a desktop AMX touch panel at the reception desk.

Community Room – Features a video projections and wireless mic system for presentations.  The room also has portable staging and a stage lighting system that allow the room to be turned into a video production studio with connectivity to the video uplink truck that can be parked outside. 

Pillar Rooms- There are four meeting rooms that have basic plug and play presentation and phone conferencing ability.  The user simply connects a laptop and the images are shown on the 60” displays.  One of these rooms is connected to a video conferencing system and the other three rooms will be outfitted with video conferencing in the near future.

Executive Board Room – this circular boardroom seats 50 people around two “C” shaped tables on two levels.  It has a super wide aspect ratio projection system that allows two separate images to be played side by side.  There are four PTZ cameras in the room that allow us to get a great front shot of anyone around the table.  This room features 50 desktop conferencing units.  Each unit has a mic and speaker that allow everyone to be heard thru the adjacent desktop speaker.  These units are also allow for delegates to vote on agenda items in a blind voting system.   It also connects with the video camera system to line up the next video shot when a delegate request to speak. 

Administration Committee Conference Room - This is a large conference room that has dual screen video conferencing, phone conferencing and LED illuminated mics in the table that let everyone know when the mics are on (via green LEDs in the mics) or Off (the LEDs turn red).

Staff Office Area -  The office environment includes a sound masking system as well as remote digital signage for the staff near the time clocks. 

A Better Choice, Adventist Book Center (and Café).  This large retail space has a background music system and five digital signage displays, as well as a children’s video area with schedule background music that plays an eclectic variety of music for the shoppers.

The Café has two portrait mounted video monitors that allow for the menu to be displayed and featured specials to be promoted to the lunch time crowd.