Dave's Boathouse at Rollins College

The Rollins College Student Government Association has completed an impressive renovation of Dave’s DownUnder—located since 1999 in the basement of the Cornell Campus Center—into Dave’s Boathouse, a nautically themed, pub-style restaurant. Sound Stage was chosen to design and install a new audio visual system.

The audio system consists of an eight-zone JBL pendant speaker system. An event system with JBL Professional column array speakers, flown subwoofer and portable stage monitor. Audio functions in two modes with a Basic mode utilizing pendant speakers in two discreet zones, while Event mode utilizes column arrays and a flown subwoofer with subs with pendants used as delayed fills. A portable digital audio mixer with digital stage box is provided for special events. A Biamp digital processor is being used for audio processing and system tuning of the background music as well as the stage area. Local stage inputs are controllable through the Crestron control system and touch panel for smaller activities. Available audio sources consist of a dedicated AM/FM/XM radio receiver, audio from three dedicated cable boxes, a Blu-Ray player, local computer connections at the stage and a Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation gateway. Three local microphone inputs, a dedicated 3.5mm line input and two wireless microphones are also provided.

The video system consists of 12 professional grade Samsung televisions located throughout the space. Televisions at the bar, dining area and lounge allow for control of power, channel and volume for cable TV signals. An NEC video projector and Da-Lite motorized screen were installed at the stage location. The projector and two additional displays have DM connectivity allowing for a broad array of uses. Discreet routing of video to the three event displays are controlled by the Crestron control system. A preview monitor is located in the equipment rack for use with the touch panel for cueing sources to the three event displays. All video sources are routed through a Crestron presentation switcher.

All of the control components are neatly organized in an impressive Middle Atlantic rack.

The theming and ambience of the space is perfect. The ideal place for students to kick back.