Health Care

Medical facilities offer a unique challenge to audiovisual integration. In the corporate world, communication is of utmost importance. Keeping up to date with clients, employees and deadlines is a constant challenge.

The challenge faced by the medical profession is more complex. Hospital staff must be able to communicate with doctors within or outside of the facility at a moment’s notice. Operating rooms need to have the capability for the documentation of surgeries. These videos of surgeries or the live broadcast feeds to classrooms offer a greater scope of training for a wider range of students. Thanks to the accuracy of the view provided by video cameras, surgeons can perform complex operations with less stress. This same technology offers the opportunity for long distance consultations or even remote surgery.

Today’s hospitals are usually part of larger networks. Administering such complex groups can be a daunting task. The solution is video conferencing. Video conferencing offers the ability to meet with all or part of your staff at any given time, as often as necessary. Staff meetings can be difficult, if not impossible, to arrange in a 24 hour facility with rotating staffs and schedules. With the right equipment, your staff can meet face to face and exchange information from a variety of remote locations; whether at their medical office, clinic, or even from home your staff is available to confer at a moment’s notice. This capability offers great flexibility in both the administrative and scientific fields.

We at Sound Stage have extensive experience in finding solutions for the complex needs of the medical field. An important focus of our designs is to not only meet your current needs, but also to provide for future solutions. Your budgeting dollars go farther when the equipment you purchase this year is compatible with future expansion plans.